October 31

Medical Ministry

The incredible work accomplished over the past months highlights the impact made in various areas of ministry:

Women Ministry: Empowering and Encouraging

One of the year’s highlights was our partnership with Belle and Sparrows Women Ministries from Dallas, Texas. Led by founder Lynde G., they organized a women’s conference and entrepreneurship training, providing valuable knowledge and skills to the women in Guatemala. Additionally, a dermatology clinic, haircuts, and heartfelt conversations were offered to the high school girls of WTMFH. This annual event is eagerly anticipated by the women who greatly benefit from learning and sharing opportunities with their sisters in Christ from the USA. The week concluded with a visit to the San Lucas Elderly Center, where the team brought joy and fellowship to the residents of that program. Their presence reminded the elderly that they are not forgotten and that WTMFH cares deeply about them.

“Thank Belle and Sparrows for a beautiful blessed week.”

Partnering Churches

Partnering Churches: Unity in Action

Eliot Baptist Church, Fairhaven Church Springboro Campus, and St. Mathew Church are three churches that went above and beyond to make a difference in Guatemala by joining forces with WTMFH.

Each church had a specific focus, mission, and goals, with various members undertaking construction and medical work. In contrast, others led Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) and ministered to teenagers in the WTMFH elementary, middle, and High School programs. The collective efforts of these churches formed a tightly knit blanket of care, comfort, and love that enveloped the people served, leaving a lasting impact. Let’s take a closer look at their contributions.


Construction Work: Building a Strong Foundation

One significant accomplishment during this period was installing a much-needed septic system at the Tabacal Community Center building. Carlos had been investigating and trying to find an adequate septic system for the terrain. His efforts paid off when he met a Guatemalan man who introduced him to a local plumber specializing in biodegradable septic tanks. With the assistance of the Fairhaven Springboro Mission team, the system was successfully installed, along with the completion of the second-floor electricity of the building. This accomplishment not only addressed a pressing need but also symbolized the commitment of the team to improve living conditions in the community. We express our sincere gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

Children's Ministry

Children and Youth Ministry: Nurturing Young Hearts

The summer brought joy and excitement as Vacation Bible Schools were organized for the village children. WTMFH High School Students worked hand in hand with mission team members, collaborating to share Bible stories, perform dramas, and engage in fun games. Laughter filled the air as young and old came together, utilizing their talents to bless the village’s children. Moreover, team members shared their personal testimonies and stories with the high school students, providing hope and inspiration in difficult circumstances. These stories of God’s intervention and support were a beacon of light, encouraging the students to move forward with faith.

Medical Ministry

Medical Work: Healing and Hope

In recent years, it has been challenging to have a medical team visit the village of Tabacal. However, this year, St. Mathew Church’s medical team arrived with abundant blessings. Over 240 patients received medical attention, and among them, three individuals with critical diabetes were identified. Thanks to the follow-up care and expertise provided by the visiting doctors, their diabetes is now under control, and their overall health has significantly improved. With the help of the medical team, Wilmer, a young man who had lost 80 pounds due to his illness and subsequently lost his job, was able to have diabetes controlled. Now, he has not only regained 20 pounds but also found new employment. Wilmer remains grateful for the healing and assistance brought to him, acknowledging that it was God who sent His people to bring hope and restoration.

We remind him that God sent His people to bring healing and help in His name.

Baskets of Love

Looking Ahead: End-of-Year Activities

As WTMFH reflects on the past month’s achievements, we also look forward to upcoming activities that will continue to impact lives in the remote villages of Guatemala. These activities include the WTMFH Tabacal High School Graduation, the WTMFH High School Retreat, and the Christmas Baskets of Love year-end initiative. Each event holds immense significance and serves as an opportunity to extend love, support, and encouragement to the communities. As WTMFH plans for these activities, please keep the organization and its mission in your prayers. If you are led to partner with WTMFH in making these projects possible, your financial support would be greatly appreciated in expanding impact and change among the Guatemalan people.

The past month has been filled with incredible moments of transformation, hope, and unity. WTMFH’s commitment to God’s work in Guatemala continues to bring about positive change in the lives of countless individuals. Through partnerships with ministries and churches, the organization has been able to empower women, enhance education, improve living conditions, and provide much-needed medical care. As WTMFH looks ahead to future endeavors, it remains steadfast in its mission to share God’s love and make a lasting impact on those we serve.

Remember, your support and prayers have played a massive role in making these endeavors possible. Together, we can bring hope and transformation to Guatemala, one life at a time.

Please keep us in your prayers as we plan for these activities, and if you would like to partner with us in making this possible, we welcome your support to join us in this journey.