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Our passion is to see individuals, families, and communities develop and be successful by implementing Biblical values into their daily lives. With this in mind, we promote projects in the areas of evangelism, education, training seminars, medical care, sports and construction projects. We facilitate opportunities for churches and organizations to come and build relationships with the local church and communities where we work in Guatemala.


A Work of Compassion and Generosity

It was during Tropical Storm Stan in October 2005, that our friend Pastor Jose Luis Ordonez found 40 Mayan Quiche families, a little more than 200 people, in the mountains of Escuintla, Guatemala, who were hiding and taking refuge in the woods homeless, cold and hungry. Many adults and children became sick due to being exposed to rainstorms and difficult weather conditions. This was the beginning of the Mayan community of Tabacal men and women, who because...

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Guatemala and our people

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Guatemala's Population

The current population of Guatemala is over 18.5 million People
About 3 million People live in Guatemala City.

40% of the population is indigenous and about 75% of them live in poverty.

According to the World Bank, 59.3% of the population lives below the poverty line. In addition, 23% live in extreme poverty.

According to the USDA Guatemalan children attend only 4 years of schooling and 3 out of 10 students graduate from the sixth grade

Guatemala means “Land of Meany Trees”
Area: 108,890 sq. km. (42,042 sq. mi.); about the size of Tennessee.

Cities: Capital --Guatemala City (metro area pop. 2.5 million)

Other major cities --Quetzaltenango, Escuintla.

Terrain: Mountainous, with a fertile coastal plain.

Climate: Temperate in highlands; tropical on coasts.

National Brid The Quetzal

Spanish is the official language, and 23 other Mayan dialects are spoken in Guatemala.

Coffee is one of the biggest industries in Guatemala

Nationality: Guatemalan(s).

Population: Mestizos 42% and 57% Mayan

Annual population growth rate: 1.5%

Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, traditional Mayan.

Languages: Spanish, 24 Indigenous languages

Literacy: Only 74% of the population is literate

Education: Years compulsory --6. Attendance --41%. Literacy--70.6%.

Health: Infant mortality rate--36.9/1,000. Life expectancy --65.19 yrs.

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