Ministry Milestones

November 25

2023 Ministry Milestones: Celebrating Transformation and Impact!

This year, our ministry rejoices in the graduation of nine high schoolers, a powerful testament to God’s transformative grace.

Overcoming educational hurdles, these graduates emerge as well-educated young individuals poised to bring positive change to Guatemala. Their success is a genuine miracle, a tangible fulfillment of God’s promise to watch over the least of these.


Our Annual High School Retreat, attended by 33 students and teachers, was a blessed occasion. Witnessing two students accept Christ filled our hearts with joy. Additionally, the impactful screening of “The Sound of Freedom” raised awareness about challenging circumstances in similar villages.

In 2023, these milestones stand as a testament to God’s faithfulness and the transformative power of the Gospel. We look forward to continuing our journey, guided by His grace, as we impact lives and communities for His glory.